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The Lounge Tanzania: Welcome

In 2014, The Lounge - Tanzania (formerly known as Lyricist Lounge Tanzania) show was started in Dar es Salaam in response to a lack of places where one could go and experience original local talent in a laid back, comfortable setting in Dar es Salaam; be it poetry, singing, comedy or rapping. The Lounge's mission is to provide a positive cultural safe space for artists -- established and amateurs alike -- to express themselves, with an emphasis on their original lyrics. The goal is two-fold: 1) To provide a platform for newer artists and those who have never performed live in front of an audience, to gain that experience and help them with their professional development; and 2) For the more established artists, to give them access to a new, diverse audience with whom to share their work with and build upon their fan base. To date we've had no corporate sponsors. We've been amazed by the goodwill, generosity and support that individuals have shown over the years. It truly has been a love fest and we've become like family. The show happens on a bi-monthly basis and features between 10-15 artists. Come join us sometimes and experience the fun! Click below and see more details on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Lounge Tanzania: Who We Are
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