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We are committed to promoting and showcasing amazing artists, relatively unknown and famous alike. We love to celebrate all art forms and are dedicated to helping those who want to grown in their craft. Meet some of incredible artists below who we have worked with over the years. Check out their work and we promise you won't be disappointed. One love!

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Mex Cortez is a rapper from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania who has made a name for himself as one of the best bilingual rappers performing in both Kiswahili and English. Growing up on Tanzanian Hip-hop, his favorite artist is One the Incredible and he is also strongly influenced by Eminem. Initially, Mex only wrote Kiswahili raps while still in school, but his foreign influences led him to experiment with both languages which he's become a master at and hailed by the industry as one of the finest to ever do it. His first performance was at his high school - The Mzizima’s Fiesta talent show in 2014. He then went on to perform on bigger stages like The Lounge Tanzania and the Nyama Choma Festival - the biggest barbecue festival in East and Central Africa in just two years. 41 Records - a well respected music label in Tanzania, took notice of his performance and agreed to produce his first Mixtape - Bad News, which was critically acclaimed and praised by local hiphop legends like Lufu and Chedi just to name a few and ultimately led him to working with bigger artists like Fid-Q. He went on to record at home where he mastered the art of production and mixing. His upcoming debut studio album, MONSOON WINDS is led by the single "One Night" which has proved to be a favorite among the ladies. Check him out on: Instagram:, YouTube: Mex Cortez, and Twitter: mex_tz.

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Chi is a singer/songwriter hailing from Tanzania; spurned on by her colorful upbringing, she began writing music at the age of 13 on the piano before moving onto the guitar, expanding her musical horizons and perfecting her signature soulful sound. As a teenager, Chi began her performance career busking her raspy vocals to blues and jazzed-up soul numbers with a hint
of indie on the streets of Liverpool. In time, the young singer/songwriter earned her way up to BBC radio plays and festivals such as Brouhaha and Liverpool Music Week. Back in her home country, Chi has become a celebrated voice and has even opened for international artists including Bucie
and Black Motion. She has established herself as a integral part of the creative scene in Tanzania by curating her own
music night, “Chi and Friends,” extending her platform and
audience to underground artists nationwide. The singer/songwriter also headlines popular gig spots such as
Red Monkey’s Crazy Mondays (Zanzibar) and Slow Sessions and The Lounge Tanzania (DSM).

Currently, Chi is working on her first album as well as a series of music videos based on the project titled “A Social Commentary. The album aims to explore modern societal pressures and movements through 10 tracks. Find her music here on Soundcloud, YouTube, and her website

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The original host of The Lounge Tanzania, Joe Legendary has grown into an incredible performer. Being inspired early on by rock music, he now performs all of his sets live stating "it brings a whole new life and feel to the songs people already know." His notable live performances are Rosehill Monday in New York and here you can catch his interview and performane on SABC Morning Live; South Africa's biggest morning TV show.

His music is nostalgic and healing so be sure to look out for him on your favorite streaming platform for your daily dose of Legendary.




Our youngest artist on the roster, at just 16 years old FG_Tony stands for "Fierce Gang Tony." Check out his first EP and other songs including his very emotional tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant on Soundcloud:

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